Financial Due Diligence Outsourcing

At BDO Solutions in Mauritius, we can assist you during the different phases of a  financial due diligence exercise. 

Our services include:

Data Pack Preparation and Review

  •  Preparation of data pack by processing raw data into structured financial information such as summary tables, charts, lead sheets and sub schedules (including key ratios)
  • Check consistency of formulas and links across tabs

Report tie-out 

  • Proofread for grammar, typos, definitions/abbreviations, etc. 
  • Internal tie-out , footing of tables and recomputation of ratios/KPIs 

Proof of Cash 

  • Populate monthly cash receipts and disbursements from bank statements 
  • Identify uncleared deposits/checks from bank reconciliations and transfers between accounts

Skeleton report 

  • Use data pack created to produce a skeleton of the due diligence report 


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Andy Lim Shung

Andy Lim Shung

Lead Partner
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