MS Office Training

 Microsoft Excel 

From beginner to advanced level. You may learn via video based online courses at your own convenience or opt for the course live online or face to face by our Excel experts. Any of the following Excel Training can be customised as per your requirements.


Level 1 Learning Objectives

Starting with the basics, learners will gain a solid foundation that will give them further knowledge as they progress into the other levels topics.

Course details:

  • Introduction: Excel tab, Entering & Editing Data, formatting data, Keyboard shortcuts
  • Formatting: Cell Styles, Alignment, Number Formats
  • Worksheets: Move Sheets, Copy Sheets, Group Sheets
  • Conditional Formatting: Duplicate values, apply rules
  • Printing: Layout options, header/footer
  • Functions: sum, max, min, average, count, countblank, counta, function library, insert function
  • Formulas: Calculation, Order of Operations, Absolute and Relative References

Duration: 1 Day


Level 2 Learning Objectives

Wow your boss and colleagues by unlocking dynamic formulas with the most popular and sought functions, manage large set of DATA, create dynamic reports by mastering Excel Pivot table.

Course details:

  • Order of operations: Working with formulas in Excel
  • Absolute and Relative References: Getting familiar with Absolute and relative references Tips & tricks.
  • Creating advanced Formula: SUBTOTAL, COUNTIF, SUMIF, VLOOKUP, IF (AND/OR), Nested Functions
  • Tailored Pivots: Pivot Tables, Pivot Charts

Duration: 1 Day

Level 3 Learning Objectives

At the end of this training, you will be able to record, edit and troubleshoot macros, understand the Excel Object Model, write manually programming routines in the Visual Basic Editor (VBE) environment as well as reuse and adapt existing code.

Course details:

  • Record an Excel macro: Macro Security, Developer Tab
  • Macro execution options: Macro Recorder, Personal Macro Workbook, Executing VBA code by using a button.
  • To get familiarised with VBE: Step by step macro execution, VBE window, Properties
  • Programming basics: Reading the programming code, Debugging, name ranges in VBA.
  • Create Excel macros via VBA: Create a sub procedure, Input Box, Message Box

Duration: 1 Day

Microsoft Powerpoint 

Learning Objective: 

At the end of the training, the user will learn how to create dynamics and professional-looking presentations by using graphics and animations.

Course details:

  • Introduction: Presentation of PowerPoint Interface, Create and save PowerPoint Presentation
  • Insert graphics: Text, shapes, images, SmartArt, tables, graphs, videos
  • Formatting options: Apply background formatting, insert a logo, save a template
  • Print options: Header & footer, printing options
  • Viewing options: Normal, outline, slide sorter, presentations views
  • Transitions: Categories of transitions, durations, sounds
  • Animations: Animation Types, Animation Start Options, animation pane.

Duration: 1 Day

Microsoft Word 

This Microsoft Word training course teaches users how to prepare accurate and well-designed document. Lots of tips and advises and provided during the training.

Course details:

  • Editing/Formatting texts
  • Sections & Columns
  • Styles
  • Table of Contents and Figures
  • Inserting/Editing Objectives: Table & picture
  • Page layout
  • Collaborative tools
  • Using Mail merge
  • Customising Word
  • Add On: Working with shapes & SmartArts, Spell checks, Watermarks, Page margins/layouts, Document templates (optional

Durations: 3.5 Hrs