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In the recent years, many countries (including UK, France and Mauritius) have moved towards passing legislation that allows them to investigate, prosecute and sanction organisations involved in bribery and corruption. One of the main developments of the Mauritian Anti-money laundering and combatting the financing of terrorism Act 2020 (which amended, amongst others, the Prevention of Corruption Act 2002) is the introduction of corporate liability for corruption offences.

Our team of Legal Consultants assist local and international organisations in complying with the Anti-Corruption regulations and standards and help them identify the bribery and corruption risks they are exposed to through our new Anti-Bribery Risk Assessment Tool.

Anti-Bribery and Corruption Services and Training

We provide a wide range of services to implement and monitor an effective Anti-Corruption Programme. These services include, among others:

  • The assistance on performing an Anti-Corruption Risk Assessment with the help of our user-friendly Tool.
  • Drafting of Code of Ethics, Anti-Corruption policies and procedures.
  • Anti-Corruption Staff Awareness Training.
  • Implementation of an Ethics and Compliance Channel (Whistleblower Channel) to report bribery and misconduct.
  • Advice on creating an ethical culture within the organisation.
  • Monitoring and review of the Anti-Corruption Programme.
  • Independent Anti-Bribery and Corruption Audit.

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Moreover, our experts at BDO IT Consulting have developed a Free Self-Assessment Tool which will allow organisations to rate their current level of compliance within key areas highlighted in the local and international Anti-Corruption laws, regulations and standards. 

You can download our Anti-Bribery and Corruption (ABC) - Free Self-Assessment Tool available here:

Ethics and Compliance Channel – Whistleblowing Services

Any organisation that wants to protect its reputation and assets and implement a strong culture of Compliance, Due Diligence and Good Corporate Governance must have in place an internal reporting channel also known as Whistleblower Channel. In addition, more and more regulations are imposing the need for these reporting channels. For example, the new European Directive on Whistleblower Protection considers its implementation mandatory in public entities and in private companies of more than 50 employees.

Within this framework, BDO IT Consulting has launched a broad range of whistleblowing services, including:

  • The implementation and license of the Ethics and Compliance Channel (Whistleblower Channel), a tool freely available to the employees and stakeholders of an organisation to help prevent and detect irregularities. Users of this channel will be able to report confidentially and anonymously, cases of actual or suspected misconduct and violations of the organisations’ Code of Ethics, policies and procedures.
  • A customised Whistleblowing Policy and Internal Investigations Manual.
  • Training for employees and Compliance Professionals on how to use the Channel and on the procedures for receiving, following-up and investigating reports.

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