Signal Mountain Reafforestation Project

Signal Mountain Reafforestation Project

The BDO Signal Mountain Reafforestation Project


BDO Mauritius has become a signatory of the United Nations Global Compact since 2020 which is one of the reasons, we have initiated a major environmental initiative. BDO Mauritius moreover shares the global sustainability movement of BDO's global vision, which is, to “inspire, educate and lead an unstoppable movement for sustainable business practice in our markets and in our organisation.” We are furthermore seeking to significantly reduce our carbon emissions in the long term. 

We believe that the collaborative project is aligned to the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and that through this partnership, we will be contributing to the betterment of the ecological situation in our country. We have pledged for sustainable business practices, and we are dedicated to making our country a better place.  

The Signal Mountain Reafforestation project implemented by BDO Mauritius demonstrates the utmost relevance of acting in the face of pressing environmental challenges. In a time where climate change poses significant threats to our planet, this project serves as an inspiring example of proactive measures to combat these issues. By actively collaborating with NGOs and the Forestry Services, BDO Mauritius has showcased the power of partnerships and collective efforts in achieving sustainable goals. The successful planting of approximately 850 different tree species within a few months highlights the importance of large-scale reafforestation initiatives in restoring and preserving local ecosystems.

Moreover, by embracing diverse tree species, the project ensures enhanced biodiversity and ecological resilience, which is crucial for maintaining the balance of our ecosystems. BDO Mauritius also wishes to extend the project on another 1 hectare of land at Signal Mountain itself. In so doing, this project will require additional fundings and manpower. Extending this project further will hence provide additional space to a larger public to benefit from these initiatives as our long-term goal is to provide a greener space for everyone to enjoy.

This project would have not been such a huge success without the support and continuous effort of the United Nation Global Compact (UNGC) Committee members. Everything was scrutinized with great care before embarking on such a big project. In so doing, BDO collaborated with the National Forestry Services of the Ministry of agriculture and different NGOs to make this project viable. We were constantly on site to monitor the exact location where the plants were soiled to ensure that the local inhabitants would eventually benefit from it. All other aspects were considered before launching this project. Since this project is on the slopes of Signal Mountain, much was required to ensure the viability of the project regarding the maintenance, the watering and how to prevent catastrophic situations like bush fire. With the help of Officers from the NGO Natir, all these aspects were taken care of. They provided tools for maintenance and watering of the plants as and when required.

It was also a question of doing a project which would fall into our budget scope and avoid any cost over-run. Another major area of concern for this project was the need of manpower to plant the trees. In so doing, staffs of BDO Mauritius volunteered to plant the trees along the plot of land allocated to us. We also had the help of the NGO PILS Mauritius in this endeavour. All in all, after analysing all these aspects were decisive to move this project forward to attain a positive outcome.

We are proud to highlight the exceptional sustainability of the Signal Mountain Reafforestation project implemented by BDO Mauritius. With the active collaboration of NGOs Natir, PILS Mauritius and the Forestry Services (under the aegis of the Ministry of Agro-Industry and Food Security), we have successfully planted 850 different species of trees from February to May 2023. The support of the National Forestry Service was essential to BDO Mauritius for the obtention of 1 hectare of land as well as the necessary seedlings from their nurseries.

This project stands as a remarkable testament to our commitment to environmental conservation and sustainable practices. By undertaking such a large-scale reafforestation initiative, we have not only contributed to the restoration and preservation of the local ecosystem but also played a significant role in mitigating climate change. The diverse range of tree species planted ensures enhanced biodiversity and ecological resilience in the region. Furthermore, The Signal Mountain Reafforestation project exemplifies our dedication to creating a greener and more sustainable future for generations to come.