Data Analytics

Why Data Analytics?

Most organisations collect data and analytics across multiple systems. One of the biggest challenges is bringing this data together and aligning it to enable insightful analysis.

Our team of experts use advanced Data Analytics, Business Intelligence and Enterprise Performance Management applications to suit needs and requirements of our clients. We assist our clients to adopt a data driven strategy in their business and to access continually evolving advances in technology and data analytics, which include:

  • Identifying new income opportunities
    • Benefit from predictive analytics to identify new opportunities
    • Better customer service
    • Enriched operational efficiency
    • Personalization of service through customer segmentation
    • Increase retention rate
  • Monitoring performance across the enterprise
    • Improve business performance.
    • Forecast and business planning
    • Improve inventory management
    • Reduce energy usage
  • Identifying anomalies, gaps and deviations
    • Identify process irregularities and control breakdowns in their organisation
    • Detect and prevent fraud in their organisation
    • Detect loss of data integrity in their information systems
    • Provide real-time monitoring of controls and identification of deficiencies
    • Identify cost savings and areas of potential recovery
  • Verifying integrity and accuracy of management reports
    • Ensure all critical reports are correct every day to support business decision
    • Provide information assurance to users
  • Data cleansing and data migration
    • Remediate data quality issues through data cleansing
    • Verify the accuracy of legacy databases and map the data to the new systems to achieve accurate, clean and error-free data migration
  • BI, Data visualisation and dashboard
    • Visualise data effectively to better understanding, insight and better business decisions
    • Transform data into visually appealing, interactive visualisations.
    • Cascade KPIs against your overall vision
  • Customer Sentiment Analysis
    • Improve Brand Strategy
    • Overview of public opinion

BDO IT Consulting’s approach is built on four simple steps:

  • Established strategic purpose of data analytics
  • Assess organisational data maturity
  • Develop a data analytics implementation road map
  • Execute

With frequent access to BDO’s expert data scientists and advisers, you’ll soon be able to evaluate and act decisively on opportunities as soon as they arise. It is like having an in-house Chief Data Officer, without the expense.

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