Comprehensive Cyber Services

Safeguarding Your Digital Frontiers

In an age where cyber threats loom large, BDO IT Consulting stands as your stalwart guardian, offering a broad spectrum of Cyber Services to protect and fortify your digital assets. Our comprehensive suite of services encompasses a range of crucial aspects designed to secure your digital infrastructure.

Our CISO-as-a-Service is your gateway to expert cybersecurity leadership. We provide organisations with experienced Chief Information Security Officers who offer strategic guidance, risk management, and incident response support. Whether you're a small business or a large enterprise, our virtual CISOs ensure that your cybersecurity strategy is sound and adaptable to evolving threats.

  • Cyber Risk Assessment, A Proactive Approach to Threat Mitigation 

Our Cyber Risk Assessment service is the foundation of a robust cybersecurity strategy. We conduct a thorough analysis of your digital landscape, identifying vulnerabilities, potential threats, and regulatory compliance gaps. This assessment serves as the cornerstone for informed decision-making and targeted risk mitigation.

  • Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing, Uncovering Weaknesses Before Attackers Do 

In the cybersecurity realm, it's crucial to identify vulnerabilities before cybercriminals exploit them. Our Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing services employ cutting-edge tools and methodologies to uncover weaknesses in your digital infrastructure. This proactive approach allows you to address vulnerabilities and bolster your security posture.

  • Cyber Attack Simulation (Cyber War Game), Preparing for the Worst

To be ready for the unexpected, our Cyber Attack Simulation, also known as a Cyber War Game, is a scenario-based exercise that puts your team to the test. We simulate real-world cyberattacks to evaluate your incident response capabilities, identify weaknesses, and refine your cybersecurity strategy, all in a controlled environment.

  • Social Engineering Tests, Safeguarding Against Human Manipulation

Humans are often the weakest link in cybersecurity. Our Social Engineering Tests assess your organization's susceptibility to manipulation through tactics such as phishing and social engineering. This service ensures that your employees are trained to recognize and thwart social engineering attacks.  

  • Third Party Risk Assessment, Extending Security Beyond Your Borders

Cybersecurity isn't limited to your internal operations. Our Third-Party Risk Assessment service evaluates the security practices of your third-party vendors and partners. This proactive approach helps mitigate risks stemming from your extended digital ecosystem.  

  • Information Security Policies/Procedures, BCP and IT DRP, Preparing for Contingencies

Sound cybersecurity starts with well-defined policies and procedures. BDO IT Consulting assists you in crafting robust Information Security Policies and Procedures, Business Continuity Planning (BCP), and IT Disaster Recovery Planning (IT DRP) strategies. These documents ensure that you're prepared to tackle crises and recover swiftly in the event of a cyber incident or disaster.

  • SWIFT CSP Assessment, Strengthening Financial Cybersecurity

For financial institutions, SWIFT CSP (Customer Security Programme) compliance is a non-negotiable requirement. Our SWIFT CSP Assessment service evaluates your readiness and helps you meet the program's rigorous security standards, safeguarding your financial transactions and data.

  • Managed Detection & Responses Services (24x7), Unsleeping Guardians

Cyber threats don't adhere to a 9-to-5 schedule, and neither do we. Our Managed Detection & Response Services operate round the clock, monitoring your network for signs of malicious activity. Our vigilant team responds swiftly to threats, ensuring the continuity and security of your operations.

  • AI-driven Cyber Defense Solutions (EDR, XDR, NDR. MDR, Email Gateway), The Power of Automation 

Artificial Intelligence is at the heart of modern cybersecurity. BDO IT Consulting offers AI-driven Cyber Defense Solutions, including Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR), Extended Detection and Response (XDR), Network Detection and Response (NDR), Managed Detection and Response (MDR), and Email Gateway solutions. These advanced systems employ AI to detect and respond to threats with unprecedented speed and accuracy, allowing your organisation to stay ahead of the constantly evolving threat landscape.

BDO IT Consulting's Cyber Services form a robust shield that protects your digital frontiers. From risk assessment to proactive simulations, and from comprehensive AI-driven solutions to 24/7 threat monitoring, we are your dedicated partner in safeguarding your digital assets and ensuring the continuity and security of your operations.