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  • IT Service Management

IT Service Management


We offer the following services: 

  • IT Technical Helpdesk 24x7 Support Coverage for Level 1, 2, & 3
  • IT Infrastructure & Network Support
  • Microsoft 365 Systems Support
  • Process Re-Engineering Based on Business & Operational Needs
  • Enhance End-to-End Customer Journey


BDO Solutions Mauritius has extensive experience in delivering round the clock personalised Managed Service Desk services to end users across more than 160 countries around the globe.

Our Managed IT Service Desk solution builds on years of know-how within the outsourcing area, crystallised in our propriety artefacts that centres around automation, quality, governance and operational frameworks to provide the managed service ecosystem for ‘World Class’ customer service delivery and enhanced employee engagement. The artefacts are customisable to seamlessly fit the business practices, operational needs and culture of organisations.

We understand the importance of compliance around data privacy and security and with an agenda to bolster digital resilience, our Managed IT Service Desk solution adheres to GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) requirements, is ISO 27001 certified and is ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library) compliant.

BDO Solutions Mauritius focus on the promise of delivering value to organisations by embedding innovation within our Managed IT Service Desk solution to drive increased productivity and quality gains, boost operational and cost efficiencies and improve customer experience. We have created an intelligent service layer that decouples into an automation and cognitive frameworks. The automation framework identifies and tackles mundane repetitive tasks allowing our skilled IT Service Desk professionals to focus on more complex tasks. Our cognitive platform builds on machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms that feeds on real-time and static data sources. The combination of autonomics and cognitive bots allow the Managed IT Service Desk to deliver greater value in terms of productivity, quality, operational and cost gains and arm our IT Service Desk professionals with right information, analytics and reporting to deliver a richer end user experience.

Our Solutions & Benefits:


• Our IT Service Desk professionals are educated to degree level, equipped with relevant industry led certifications, immersed and trained with customer’s team to deliver personalised customer experience round-the-clock across various industry sectors

• Operational framework builds on our bespoke operational artefacts that gauge operational data from systems and tools to help us review, optimise and reengineer end-to-end processes thereby fostering efficiency and productivity gains

• Quality framework leverages our bespoke quality artefacts to continuously improve the competence of our analysts throughout the multiple touch points of the customer lifecycle to deliver personalised ‘World Class’ customer service

• Governance & Reporting framework provides a structured approach amongst strategic and operational stakeholders and action plans to mitigate emerging risks with clear and transparent reporting on service performance

• Automation, Bot & AI framework injects automation and intelligence into the business, quality and operational processes to deliver greater value, performance, and true cost efficiencies with AI, machine learning, bots, and cognitive solutions

• Transition framework stems from our depth and breadth of knowledge in BPO and ITO transitions to deliver outsourcing services successfully and consistently

• Pricing framework flexes, adapts and responds to peaks and troughs of operational needs enabling cost savings whilst delivering on key performance indicators

• Design Thinking approach is used to reimagine/reinvent the business/operational processes embedding customer end-to-end journey to first meet and then exceed expectations of organisations

Case Study: IT Service Desk of BDO Solutions Mauritius in Action


The Challenge: An enterprise organisation generating about 5,000 incidents per month was facing constant churn in terms of their service desk analysts, unable to document processes and knowledge for smooth running of day to day activities, needed to improve working relationships across various stakeholders and boost its customer satisfaction to enhance employee engagement. The organisation took the decision to outsource some of its business functions and technical service desk operations, it looked for a partner capable to stabilise the operations, work together to re-engineer their processes across various touch points taking into account end-to-end customer journey by embedding their business and operational needs and inject automation into its operations to achieve greater value, performance and benefit from true cost efficiencies in a reliable manner.

The Solution: Our solution comprised of working with the customer to review and agree on the strategic, tactical and operational Governance framework, work with key stakeholders to address pain points and align everyone on common action plan that focuses on business and operational goals. BDO Solutions Mauritius tailored its operational and quality artefacts to re-engineer the customer journey, established reporting dashboards that fed into change advisory board (CAB) to review its authorisation, prioritisation and scheduling of changes, initiated documentation of processes, knowledge-based articles for products and services in our web-based knowledge management platform to improve competence of our IT Service Desk professional. These actions helped to identify and automate a series of mundane redundant tasks eliminating unnecessary overheads to deliver on key objectives agreed between BDO Solutions Mauritius and the organisation as part of the scope of the outsourcing project.

The Result: BDO Solutions Mauritius and the organisation drove the transformational change programme through a steering committee that helped fuel collaboration amongst key stakeholders. This important benefit paved the way for carving out the shift left strategy with staff training responsibilities shared between BDO Solutions Mauritius and the organisation with knowledge sharing sessions being documented and stored on our knowledge management system. Operational indicators showed an upward trend with a 60% increase in ‘First Call Resolution within 24 hours, CSAT (Customer Satisfaction) improved by 20% flooring a monthly average of 99% per month eventually reaching 100%. Operational gains were crystallised with a 15% savings on budget to exceed expectation of the organisation.