Introducing The PLEDGE on Food Waste and FIT Technology

BDO (Mauritius) supports the hotel and restaurant industry in food waste reduction with The PLEDGETM on Food Waste and FIT technology

In the context of the International Day of Awareness of Food Loss and Waste 2022, BDO (Mauritius) is proud to propose two new services:  The PLEDGETM on Food Waste certification and FIT technology. This two-fold solution aims to help restaurants and the tourism industry to fight against food waste and reduce their cost. This has been made possible thanks to a partnership between LightBlue Consulting, a United Nations-awarded Food Waste Prevention Tech and Consultancy firm, and BDO (Mauritius).  

Commenting on this partnership, Pamela Leste Senior Manager- Economic, Market Analysis & Sustainability and the accredited consultant for The PLEDGETM on Food Waste says: “At BDO (Mauritius), we clearly see the need for a structured approach to food waste prevention that helps restaurants and hotels cut significantly on costs. The PLEDGE™ on Food Waste is also a fantastic tool to recognize the personnels' efforts and show customers that adopters really care about the future of our island.” It is to be noted that BDO (Mauritius) offers an array of sustainability-related services namely impact assessments, ESG strategy advisory services or Integrated Report auditing amongst others.

Benjamin Lephilibert, CEO of LightBlue Consulting: “We are very excited to make BDO our solution development partner in Mauritius. Combining The PLEDGE™ certification, the FIT food waste monitoring technology with training and consulting supported by the HRDC, will enable Mauritian food services get access to the best solutions!”

The collaboration between BDO (Mauritius) and LighBlue Consulting follows the success of 10 organisations involved in a pilot project launched in 2021, where participants saw an average 43% reduction in food waste. The tourism and hospitality industry are more ready than ever to broadly adopt the global leading certification The PLEDGE™ on Food Waste to cut on cost and answer travellers’ growing demand for responsible dining.

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LightBlue Consulting

LightBlue is a United Nations-awarded Food Waste Prevention Tech and Consultancy firm reconciling sustainability with business excellence. Since 2012, it has developed unique skills, technologies, and methodologies to minimize Food Waste and boost financial performance of food service professionals in more than 15 countries. Learn More:

The PLEDGE™ on Food Waste

The PLEDGE™ on Food Waste is the food industry’s leading 3rd-party Certification and Benchmarking system designed to cut on food waste, save on costs and attract new customers. It is composed of 95 criteria articulated around 7 pillars, and when successful the “pledgers” are granted with the coveted bronze, silver, gold or ALL-STAR certified status to position themselves differently from the crowd. Learn more: 

FIT Tech

The FIT technology, composed of an app and cloud-based software, offers a practical solution to commercial kitchens to track and reduce food waste and associated costs. It runs on generic devices to make it very affordable to deploy in multiple kitchens. FIT app and weekly reports are available in English, Mandarin, Korean, Bahasa Indonesian, Thai, Spanish and French. Learn More:

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