BDO IT Consulting, Your Corporate Training Partner

BDO IT Consulting, specialised in Consulting and Training Services, is an industry player in the corporate sector. With its vast experience in training, many programmes have been designed to accompany business professionals towards excellence.

Training, being considered as the 3rd pillar after IT Consultancy and IT Governance services, has become over the years one of the most requested services by our clients. This initiative is a direct response to the growing customer demand for various training programmes in enhancing employee skills in almost every sector of the economy. This increasing trend in the need for training is also explained by the fact that jobs are nowadays becoming more and more complex due to constant changes in local and international regulations.

Corporate Training Partner

This is particularly the case for the financial sector whose operation and legal framework have both local and international influence, especially in terms of standards relating to data protection, Anti- Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing Act (AML/CFT) or even Cyber Security. All these new standards have a huge impact on the way we do business. It is no longer just a question of improving operations, but constantly complying with new legal frameworks. Therefore, we intend to position ourselves as YOUR Corporate Training Partner” for companies seeking continuous improvement.

Technical and qualitative training

The training centre is registered with the Mauritius Qualification Authority (MQA) and the training programmes have been designed according to the corporate needs of all sectors. All programmes are HRDC approved, and participants may claim CPD points thanks to the attendance recognition we provide. Being a registered training institution, the courses are dispensed by trainers from BDO IT Consulting or in partnership with other local and foreign partners. Among the key courses offered, there are trainings on Cyber Security, Data Protection, Compliance rules in AML / CFT;  MS Office (Excel, PowerPoint, Word), MS Power BI and ISO Certifications. Same can also be tailor-made according to customer demand. This can range from technical areas to more qualitative training such as soft skills. Our ambition is to become the number one provider in corporate training across the Indian Ocean and the African Region.

Learning and Development

As part of its continuous innovative strategies and following the company’s initiative in combatting the current pandemic situation to which the world is currently facing, the delivery mode of trainings has shifted to user-friendly virtual platforms. Recent statistical analysis from feedbacks received from our participants revealed a great appreciation for the online-delivery mode of training. The trainers keep the sessions interactive so that the learning objectives of the participants are met. We remain open to market research and exploring many more courses to respond to the need of the market. BDO IT Consulting is constantly conducting market researches to accommodate the training requirements of its business partners on a timely basis in view of creating a better corporate world.

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