Achieving Greatness Together

Greatness is a journey that requires a clear purpose, strong leaders and a fair and supportive work environment. Achieving Greatness not a solo act but a team effort that requires the collaboration of all employees, from top to bottom.

At BDO Solutions we have created a culture that motivates our people to collaborate, respect each other and take pride in each other’s accomplishments.

To kickstart our ‘Achieving GREATNESS Together' series, Maleehah confides how greatness can be achieved with supportive leaders.


“Achieving GREATNESS in any field requires clear goals, hard work, dedication, and positive perspective. The true key to success is honesty and transparency at all corporate levels of leadership. I am grateful that BDO Solutions provides a working environment which makes employees feel safe, respected, appreciated and can reach their full potential. 

My manager has been an incredible mentor and the best one that I've worked with.  Our team is just more than co-workers working together - we're a family that supports each other on every step of the way. So let's all strive for GREATNESS together - with the right attitude and a strong support system, anything is possible!” Maleehah Emamdy, Payroll Team Leader

Meet Patrick, our dedicated Information Security Expert, who shares how proud he is of having contributed to the protection of our IT security and maintenance of client trust at BDO Solutions.

"Hello am Patrick, Information Security Expert. During my 9 years with BDO Solutions, we have focused on quality by implementing policies and procedures related to the data protection and ensuring compliance with the ISO 27001 standard. As an employee of BDO Solutions, I am proud to have been able to contribute to the company's IT Security, namely, ensuring the availability and confidentiality of data in order to maintain client trust and have a competitive advantage, in other words, Achieving GREATNESS Together!" Patrick Arlando, Director of Projects


Nivay shares his experience on how camaraderie and having an “open door policy” at BDO Solutions help us communicate openly and support each other as a team, fostering a productive workplace culture and enabling us to achieve GREATNESS.


"Hi, I'm Nivay, a Project Leader at BDO Solutions and I've been working at this GREAT company for the last five years. Strong camaraderie and open communication are essential for our GREAT workplace culture. BDO Solutions encourages this through an "open door policy", where everyone can discuss professional and personal issues with their peers and managers. We are like a family, caring for each other and cracking jokes to lighten the mood, enabling us to de-stress. This strong camaraderie has helped us feel connected and supported, allowing us to achieve GREATNESS together and create a productive workplace culture." Nivay Singh, Project Leader


Banisha shares how BDO Solutions' commitment to fairness and inclusivity has empowered her to succeed breaks the barriers as a woman working in Tech.


"Hi, I'm Banisha, Senior Manager and Automation Lead. GREATNESS is all about celebrating the successes of each and everyone. I am grateful that BDO Solutions promotes a culture of fairness and inclusivity. We even have an Equal Opportunity and Anti-harassment policy, ensuring that everyone has a fair chance to succeed, regardless of gender, race or social background. As a woman working in the Tech industry, a male dominated-area, this culture of fairness has enabled me to progress in my career, based on my hard work and a fair evaluation of my skills." Banisha Boolauck, Senior Manager


At BDO Solutions, we believe in respecting and valuing each other, no matter the role or background. Hannaa's testimonial is a powerful reminder of how treating each other with kindness and dignity helps us build a culture of trust, positivity, and collaboration. 

"Hello am Hannaa and I've been at BDO Solutions for almost 7 years now. One of the things I appreciate most about working at BDO Solutions, is the respect that everyone shows to each other. No matter what role, level, or background you have, you are treated with dignity and kindness. I feel valued and appreciated by my colleagues for my contributions and opinions. By respecting each other, we create together a culture of trust, positivity, and collaboration that helps us to achieve GREATNESS together." Hannaa Mohun, Office Attendant